Sbarc is committed to the Welsh language. We treat Welsh and English on the basis of equality, so far as we are reasonably able to do so.
Availability of Welsh speakers
Digwyddiadau Sbarc CIC will be employing staff in various positions within the firm who are fluent in Welsh. This will ensure that we are able to deliver services to the same standard in Welsh or English.
Documents and information
Digwyddiadau Sbarc will continue to produce Welsh language versions of relevant documents and information where appropriate.
The initial event being developed has a dedicated section in Welsh
We will seek to respond in Welsh when we are replying to correspondence received in Welsh or when we have received a request to do so.
We welcome the use of Welsh when receiving calls by our Welsh speaking staff.
We have a bi-lingua version of our corporate letter headed paper which is available for use as appropriate.
Bi-lingual business cards are available for staff.
Dealing with the media
Press releases and statements can be drafted as appropriate to the language medium concerned for both print and broadcast media in Wales.
Local advertising and promotional material will be produced either in Welsh or English as deemed appropriate.
TV, radio and print media advertising in Wales will be undertaken either in English or Welsh as deemed appropriate to the campaign.

Staff and the workplace
We share information about the Welsh language skills of each member of staff within the workplace
Senior level support and implementation
This policy will be conveniently available for our staff and the public to read.