Get more return from social media with Sbarc.

So many businesses get social media so wrong. They post marketing messages and special offers one after the other, then can’t understand why nothing happens. Because we understand social media, Sbarc understands why hard sells on social media don’t work.

Like Google, social media behemoths such as Facebook and Twitter use clever formulae to weed-out sales messages and focus on valuable content instead. Sbarc can help you build social media campaigns that weave more subtle sales messages into social content. This will increase your visibility on social media channels, encourage more followers, and help you build the audience you’re looking for.

With our help, we’ll help you get more value from your social media presence, like seen here with Ensemble Cymru’s Big Give Christmas Campaign.


Ensemble Cymru is taking part in the Big Give Challenge 2016

big-give-postcard-2016Big Give Update – 1/12/2016

We’ve done it! We’ve raised £11,225 in less than 48 hours through the Big Give. A big thank you to everyone who has donated, we couldn’t have done it without you.

You can still donate to the Big Give until 12pm 2 December although your gift will no longer be doubled. Here’s the link to the Big Give website.