Your next event will be the best ever!

Event Organisers: Let Sbarc sell your space and sponsorships for you, so YOU can devote your time and energy into making your next event the most successful ever

Sbarc can manage all your space and sponsorship opportunities

As well as being experienced event marketers, we have a vast database of diverse Welsh food and drink producers, concessions businesses and potential sponsors looking for event opportunities in Wales

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We’ve made the process for exhibitors and sponsors to book events like yours easier than ever, saving both you and your event supporters time and expense.

Because of this, you benefit from

  • More early bookings: great for peace of mind, confidence and cashflow
  • Ease and speed of just one point of contact for pre-show sales
  • Deposit and balance management handled for you
  • Significant reduction in administration and pre-show sales work
  • Growing numbers of exhibitors and sponsors keen to take advantage of your easy-to-book event

Focus on growing your event and let Sbarc take care of selling it

Let Sbarc fill your event space and sponsor opportunities for you

Choose us to manage parts of your event or the whole – we’ll work with you, not against you


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