Make the most of your time and energy at exhibitions with Sbarc.

Showcasing your company at an exhibition is a fantastic opportunity to speak directly to an identified target audience. Yet it’s surprising how many companies do not take full advantage of these opportunities or leave planning until very late. A carefully thought through approach to exhibitions can reap rewards in terms of sales leads, networking, market presence and much much more.


Hamper Llangollen Food Festival since 2013

Sbarc will help you to identify the type of exhibitions you should be attending and the objectives you aspire to achieve while there. We’ll help you plan thoroughly down to the finest detail.

We will of course assist in all aspects of actual exhibition stand design, construction and liaison with organisers, but we’re also expert at thinking about what you really want to get out of attending an exhibition and we’ll have already woven this into your overall PR plan so that you are getting maximum exposure when and where you need it.